Are you ready for some fun?

 it’s very important to me that this experience will be fun!

Its all about love and smiles.

My goal is to create t beautiful memories for you to cherish.

What will our Journey entail?  

The free Consultation - At your home.

The first thing we schedule is your free consultation.

The consultation takes place in the comfort and safety of your home.

At this time I  meet my models and let then sniff me a little so we get friendly. I watch your dogs in their safe environment and learn their behavior so it will be easier for me to tailor the sessions best for your dog. 

I will bring my Wall art and album samples and we will go over the full price list.

It’s time to schedule your 3 photo sessions ! 

Your down payment is $1500 which is my minimum pkg.  

After our consultation, Besides being excited, I will be available for questions, thought and ideas.
The photo sessions
My photoshoots usually take place on 2 separate days, 
3 different photo sessions.

1. Studio, I bring my studio setup to your home for treat catching and Peanut Butter licking, the funny shoot :). usually done in the morning around 11:00


2. Sky portraits, usually done on the same day of the studio session at sunset)


3. forest / beach/ urban/ lifestyle – you pick, can be with humans 🙂 (this will be done on a separate day) 
The reveal of your beautiful images

After the shoot I go home and have all the fun! I go over all our photos and pick the best ones to edit for our reveal session.

What a hard task to narrow down…..

The reveal day will be up to  2 weeks after the shoot and what an exciting day it is. 

Now comes the fun / hard part for you , Picking the images that you would like to print. Don’t worry, If you like them all you can always have them in an amazing album 🙂 

In order to help you decide I will bring all my samples so you can choose what you like best.

My Clients usually spend between $1500-$7000

Ordering and delivery of your art

OMG its going to be amazing! Once we finalize your order, I send it to the printer in Italy, knowing that your art will be in the best of hands.

About 3-4 weeks after the order is placed, I personally will deliver the art to you, and we will open the packages together. What an exciting moment!

If you ordered wall art I will be coming with a nice man to install it for you! all part of my service 

This is the moment it was all about. I’m sure this beautiful art will bring you great happiness and make you smile every time you look at is. 

Goal accomplished – you are smiling!

Hope to see you again soon for some more fun!


I am so grateful  I can create beautiful memories for you and  be a part of your journey.

Yours, Gabi (Gavriella). 


Phone: + 1 754-226-0933
Email: gavriellapetphoto@gmail.com
Address: Boca Raton, FL, 33433